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Zesty Weekend Retreat: March 3&4


Transform your life

On March 3rd and 4th, we invite you to share an intimate weekend of self-growth, pilates, yoga, nutrition, sleep hygiene and the exploration & transformation of your life.

The Zesty Weekend will be held at Core Intentions Pilates Studio in Squamish, BC. At the studio you’ll experience a uniquely warm and intimate atmosphere where we’ll immerse ourselves in wellness. There will be fresh healthy snacks and meals, and exciting sponsor goodies from local business such as; Ryders Eyewear, SoundRunner, Nester’s Market, Hornby Energy Bars, Nootka & Sea, Ener-C, Mountain Squeeze, Counterpart Coffee, Euphoria Natural Health and Health Food Heaven.

What is Zesty Weekend

A long time in the making, we are thrilled to launch Zesty Weekend—an in-depth wellness platform focused on the heart and soul of living a full and Zesty Life. The program is specifically designed to be an up close and personal experience with a select group in an intimate setting.

Self-growth & life balance

Over the course of the weekend Rachelle will take you through the Zesty Life curriculum, which encompasses over 50 pages of exploratory questions and insights. This is the life-changing inner work required to optimize your life balance, relationships, career, amplify your inner voice, integrate holistic wellness into your daily life and access your purpose.

Movement & exercise

Baked into the weekend is everything wellness. Andi will introduce you to Pilates as a vital component of your Zesty life. She will educate you on functional movement patterns in your body and how these patterns help to build a strong foundation for efficient and intentional movement—whether it’s on the Pilates equipment, adventuring in the mountains, riding your bike, training for a marathon or simply carrying the groceries home, Pilates will create more mindful movement in your everyday life. Plus, it feels amazing!

Andi will also introduce you to Aerial yoga hammocks, where you’ll work on stretching, strengthening, decompression and where you can bring out your playful side! Rounding out the movement component of your weekend, you’ll finish your day with Yin yoga by Heather Kennedy, a class to help find peace in yourself while creating much needed space in your body and your mind.


Sleep is one of the most critical acts of self-care and living a Zesty Life. Sleep problems and insomnia are common issues for many people; stemming from life imbalance, stressful jobs, anxiety and lack of exercise, all of these issues can have long-term effects on health and well-being. Many of us attempt to tough it out, supplement with caffeine and ignore warning symptoms of sleep deprivation, but do you really know what sleep deprivation is doing to your body and your life?

Professional sleep expert Victor H. Javeri Jr., PhD, RPSGT, CSE will discuss sleep hygiene, common sleep myths and the problem with metatonin. He will give advice for restoring your body’s natural sleeping rhythms and share the link between sleep and a Zesty Life. This is an absolutely fascinating exploration of the journey to better health, a peaceful state of mind and restful sleep.

Delicious food

Mouthwatering, vibrant and healthy plant-based breakfast, lunches and snacks are on the menu for the weekend! Rachelle will share nutritional insights, recipes and tips on creating healthy, easy meals.

In your fast-paced life, it’s not uncommon to be eating on the run and making poor choices. Many are seeking instant-fix diets and are being bombarded by nutritional information. Rachelle will share tools and tips for making smart choices, listening to your body and embracing food as the lifeblood of our experiences, adventures and greatest moments.


Retreat Schedule:

We will share, laugh, move, explore and perhaps shed a tear on our way towards an authentic Zesty Life! Here is a synopsis of your weekend schedule.

DAY 1- March 3rd

• Check-in & breakfast
• Introduction to the Zesty Life
• Pilates Mat Class
• Zesty curriculum Part 1 of 6
• Plant-Based Lunch & Nutrition
• Zesty curriculum Part 2 of 6
• The mind-blowing science of sleep
• Aerial Yoga

DAY 2- March 4th

• Breakfast
• Zesty curriculum Part 3 of 6
• Pilates Mat Class
• Zesty curriculum Part 4 of 6
• Plant-Based Lunch & Recipe Tips
• Zesty cirriculum Part 5&6
• Yin Yoga
• Secrets for a Zesty Sleep Q&A


About the presenters

zesty-weekend-athlete-artist-foodie-nutrition-vancouver-rachelle-hynes-zesty-lifeRachelle Hynes

Zesty Life founder, Rachelle Hynes is a branding expert, health enthusiast, foodie, graphic designer, writer, athlete and artist. At the core of Rachelle’s offerings is a heartfelt passion for serving others and helping you to curate your Zesty Life.

Rachelle spent a decade as co-founder and creative director at an esteemed branding agency in Vancouver and today she works with ambitious businesses and start-ups at her boutique Squamish-based studio Zesty Brands. Rachelle’s branding knowledge gives her the unique ability to uncover both business’ and individuals zest-factor.

Rachelle expresses creativity and passion in all her life experiences. She lives from a deep place of curiosity and shares her insights, so that you too can find your passionate purpose. Rachelle is an effective business and life mentor as she is extremely relatable and reaches many through her transparency and willingness to be vulnerable in her own life experiences. Rachelle is unbashfully human and imperfect, which allows for complete ease and non-judgement in conversation. She holds space for the unique person you are and understands that each of our unique life events and deficiencies are all part of your own Zesty Life.


zesty-weekend-wellness-andi-javeri-zesty-lifeAndi Javeri

Andi spent over 18 years coaching and training multiple sport disciplines. It was in discovering Pilates that Andi found the one all-encompassing method for focused movement, uniform development and athletic progression—invaluable to thriving in your life.

She was instantly obsessed with Pilates. It was from that moment she decided to realigned her life path. She traveled to both London, England and Boulder, Colorado to develop an extensive Pilates acumen. She studied at The Pilates Center—often called “the Harvard of Pilates” which is arguably the most comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training in the world. Andi finally returned to Canada to bring her passion for the art of Pilates to the serenity of Squamish.


zesty-weekend-wellness-victor-h-javeri-zesty-lifeVictor Javeri

Educated in several universities worldwide including UC Berkeley, Stanford and the University of Western Australia, Victor’s education encompasses Neurobiology, Public health epidemiology surveillance, and he holds a Doctorate in Physiology (Concentration in Circadian Rhythm Disorders/ChronoBiology). Victor is considered an authority in the field of Chronobiology and Human Consciousness as it related to sleep.

When Victor isn’t tucking people into a good night’s sleep, you’ll find him trail running and teaching aerial yoga in Squamish, BC.

Reserving your hotel:

If you’re coming from out of town, we suggest you check out Airbnb or one of the local hotels. For those who jump on booking early, we recommend reserving with one of our friends Squamish Bike bed & Breakfast.

What to bring:

Workout attire! A notebook, pen and an open mind.


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