Recipes for a Zesty Life

A stunning 8.5×11” coffee table book, bursting with over 350 pages of inspiration, practical guidance, and beautiful photography; Recipes for a Zesty Life is a soulful book that will help you unearth the torch for finding your way in life, love, relationships and career. Rachelle has designed a truly unique blend of healthy plant-based recipes, nutrition, short stories, practices and habits for realizing your potential and harnessing your power to change your life—and the world.



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I believe people are craving inspiration from every day human beings—not just superhuman athletes or wealthy media personalities. And that’s what I’m offering. By the time I hit 30, I’d been through an unusual measure of adversity, successes and failures, and the book is a heart-felt expression of the lessons I’ve learned, and am still learning, and the components that I feel have allowed me to live a zestier, happier and more meaningful life. Each component is covered within each chapter, and the book takes a 360 degree approach to wellness; incorporating mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.


Bike-themed stories & delicious recipes—Rachelle writes with a sense of humour you’ll thoroughly enjoy!


Why you’ll love it

This is an approachable and captivating coffee table book to reach for when you need inspiration and guidance; whether it’s strengthening your mind-body connection, uncovering your purpose and potential, getting through life’s struggles, or cultivating habits for lifelong health, wellness and happiness—this is the your handbook.



rachelle-hynesAbout the Author

Rachelle Hynes

Zesty Life founder, Rachelle Hynes is a branding expert, health enthusiast, foodie, athlete and artist. At the core of Rachelle’s purpose is a heartfelt passion for helping others curate their Zesty Life.

Rachelle works with ambitious businesses and start-ups at her boutique Squamish-based studio Zesty Brands. With over a decade of experience, Rachelle’s branding knowledge gives her the unique ability to uncover both business’ and individuals zest-factor. Rachelle expresses creativity and passion in all her endeavours and she lives from a deep place of curiosity. Through her personal strengths and her transparency and willingness to be vulnerable in her own life experiences, Rachelle has created a one-of-a-kind handbook that will truly change your life.