Zesty Life Book

A stunning 8.5×11” coffee table book, bursting with over 350 pages of inspiration, practical guidance, and beautiful photography; Recipes for a Zesty Life is a soulful book that will help you unearth the torch for finding your way in life, love, relationships and career.

Rachelle has designed a truly unique blend of healthy plant-based recipes, nutrition, short stories, practices and habits for realizing your potential and harnessing your power to change your life—and the world.


Plant-based Recipes


Mindfulness Practices


Self-growth Tools


Inspiring Stories

a truly unique book

Whether it’s strengthening your mind-body connection, uncovering your purpose and potential, getting through life’s struggles, or cultivating habits for lifelong health, wellness and happiness—this is your handbook.

Plant-based recipes

These recipes have unique and complex flavours with some pretty basic ingredients that anyone can put together, plus they taste great and just happen to be vegan.

Whether it’s an addition to your weekly menu, or a bridge to consuming less animal based foods in your regimen, you’ll love them!


Inspirational stories

Bite-sized stories filled with simple wisdom and playful humour. Feel the interconnectedness of us all, as you find your way along your personal life journey…

These stories are aimed at helping light the path to understanding that we’re all capable of so much more and have an important ingredient to offer this world.


Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment, with awareness of ourselves.

Recipes for a Zesty Life is full of mindfulness practices that will help you create space for yourself—space to think, space to breathe, space between yourself and your reactions.


Self-Growth Tools

In today’s society, many of us are struggling with anxiety, health, and finding purpose. Everywhere you turn, you’re constantly bombarded with messages on how to “look better”, “obtain more stuff,” and “be perfect”—this is not healthy.

Recipes for a Zesty Life is full of exercises to help you uncover your inner greatness, and teach you skills to show up in the world authentic, confident and brave; with healthy tools for your journey.

What people are saying

praise for recipes for a zesty life.

Alex Stieda

Professional road racing cyclist

"Recipes for a Zesty Life is a complete reference guide to living a healthy, happy, fulfilled life. Rachelle speaks from her soul to share deep wisdom usually gained after decades of life experience. Let go of the brakes"
whitney mcclintock rini

world champion waterskier

"I love the aesthetic of this book! The energy and adventure; the lessons and growth. Rachelle’s story is beautiful."

ready to get zesty?

The world is calling you to be more of who you are. Once you uncover your heart’s deepest desires and start living from a place of authenticity, you will become increasingly surrounded by fulfilling relationships and purposeful opportunities.

Let’s do this

hi, i’m rachelle

I’ve always had bit of an untamable spirit for risk-taking and adventure. This innate desire is partly what thrust me deep into life’s arduous classroom fairly early in life. By the time I hit 30, I’d been through an unusual measure of adversity, successes and failures. This hunger for adventure has lead me into pain and heartache, but also amazing, beautiful and intensely transformational experiences that have allowed me to connect to a deep sense of self, develop a keen intuition and touch my soul’s potential.

I’ve spent the last decade learning hard lessons, searching my soul, and growing; and I’ve found that when you can be bold enough to make moves from your heart, and get back up when you fall, you become a being of mastery, rather than a misery. The book is a vulnerable expression of my own journey and aims to light the path in a potent way with respect to not only how you think about food and health, but to really propel you to understand that you are capable of so much more, and we all have an important ingredient to offer this world.