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Life Lesson: Be More Like Your Dog


They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I hope so, because that means I’m like my dog

Dog-like thinking embodies a spirit of independence, resilience, and strategic prowess. Our canine companions, who, despite their domestication, retain a remarkable attunement to their instincts. Whether it’s their keen senses that steer them away from danger, or their ability to perceive emotions and offer a paw when someone is sad — dogs epitomize the art of practical living.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that if you looked deeply into the human psyche you would discover that humans are the only creatures severed from our instincts.

Humans have become Sheep-ish

Along with taming and weakening our instincts, humans have eroded common sense and shifted from wolf, to sheep mentality. Blindly following the herd, relinquishing individuality and critical thinking in favour of the safety of the flock. The proliferation of confusing double standards disguised as progressive morals, the fervent pursuit of social justice, and the sheer lack of basic common sense — all covertly perpetuating discrimination and censorship, and a culture of sheepy hypocrisy.

How to achieve Dog Mindset

So how can we glean wisdom from our dogs? It begins with reconnecting with our instincts and innate wisdom. Dogs respond to the world around them with a simple, straightforward approach. Unapologetically themselves, dogs don’t play games, and they don’t care about fitting in. What you see is what you get. Dogs demonstrate the power of authenticity over pretense. They also teach us to challenge everything — by breaking free from cognitive biases and looking at situations with curiosity and instinctual decision-making.

Contrary to popular belief, the answers to life’s most pressing questions are often much simpler than we imagine, and our instincts can serve as our most reliable guides. Dog thinking demonstrates good ol’ plain common sense. When faced with a problem, dogs don’t waste time overanalyzing, second-guessing themselves, or reviewing expert opinions to find answers. They approach challenges with a practical mindset, using trial and error to find solutions that work in the here and now. They’re not without a social consideration however; the difference being in their knack for observing and understanding social dynamics through a more practical lens.

Be like dogs, where there are no facades—just raw, unfiltered instincts and common sense guiding you. Our canine companions are also a powerful reminder of the simplicity and purity of companionship and connection, where affection is earned and demonstrated through the genuine goodness of the heart.


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