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Light amidst Dark


The search for light amidst shadow — glowing treasures, the moments in between the darkness. A slender band of yellow wedged between blues, spilling out life and nourishment.

Just as the sun rises and sets, so too our days range from light to dark. The growth and the loss, the triumphs and the setbacks, the joy and the pain. Substance and meaning not without the other. Without dark is without poetic mood, and the depth it adds to the brilliant wonders of humanity.

Beautiful moments that we yearn to hold onto forever — treasures that slip away despite our deepest desires to preserve them. I suppose all we can do is surrender to the ebbs and flows, and truly absorb and appreciate those moments to their fullest.

In this moment, what stirs your heart? No matter how brilliant the day, things outside only exist if you let them in. As to the things inside, you will never understand and truly feel them, unless you allow them to emerge.

A cerebral understanding of things, though not wrong, won’t be effective in the sense of being able to be fully immerse oneself in the experiences of life. For this, we have to let our imagination wander and we must edge our way towards a far more close-up, detailed, intuitive inquiry.

Stop and gaze into the forest, in wonder and appreciation. Be moved by colours, light and all the little things that are hiding and waiting to be discovered. As you delve deeper into noticing, it opens up the capacity to appreciate simple joys. The pockets or warmth and wonder amidst life’s challenges and dark times.

rachelle-hynes-fine-artist-squamish-oil-canvas-west-coast-art-printsYou want more meaning in your days, or perhaps a richer relationship with someone. You must learn the art of seeing — unblinded by preconception. You become the artist who is deeply attuned to their surroundings and emotions, observing details that others might overlook or that might seem mundane. This profound way of seeing will lead you to the most beautiful things you’ve ever experienced…

When you look closely at anything familiar, it often transforms into something unfamiliar. Therein lies the opportunity to experience life fully. The more we pause to absorb, the more we stand to remember, and the more we feel each moment reach our deepest darkest places.

The art of seeing is a profound reservoir of untold revelations. Much like discerning the subtle intricacies of forest flora, within a friendship or romantic relationship, you begin to notice the nuances previously unseen—the crinkle of an eye, the quirk of a smile, the cadence of a familiar laugh. These seemingly mundane facets serve to continually weave intimacy and connection, and nourish an enduring tenderness towards the other.  And life become measurably richer…

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