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Light amidst Dark


The search for light amidst shadow — glowing treasures, the moments in between the darkness. A slender band of yellow wedged between blues, spilling out life and nourishment.

Just as the sun rises and sets, so too our days range from light to dark. The growth and the loss, the triumphs and the setbacks, the joy and the pain. Substance and meaning not without the other. Without dark is without poetic mood, and the depth it adds to the brilliant wonders of humanity. Continue Reading…

Love & Relationships/ Meaning & Passion/ Zesty Adventures

A Winter Walk & The Warmth of a Friend

The mystery of equanimity slips away like a snowflake in my hand. The quest to capture the vanishing sense of time and all things once certain.

Walking through the pathways blanketed in white, the estuary channels once brimming with life are now still; an eager salmon appears frozen in time under the ice. Eagles silently huddle atop snow-bowed branches, a world enveloped in pleasing quietude, here I am encouraged to escape towards the invaluable inward focus which winter invites. A peaceful journey through my inner world… Continue Reading…

Zesty Adventures

To the Sea


To the Sea

Life’s tidal forces bring us together, draw us apart, and wash over us. I feel comfort out here in the sea, where my deepest truths surface; it knows my light and my darkness, reflected in its cool mirror.

Into the shades of blue my heart is pulled deeper. On the surface, energy, life, potential; beneath, quiet, dark, desolate. Once given to the depths, there is no returning. Travelling through the cool currents, longing for the distances you never arrive in. Continue Reading…

Zesty Adventures

Nature’s Display of Life


The small wonders that strew the everyday: the changing colour or the leaves, the heron waiting quietly at the riverside, a quip between friends, the splash of a coho on its way up the river.

As I stand in the river, everything belonging to life is in this moment: its forms and colours, composition, its harmony with the elements, its joy and its sorrow. Look deeper into nature and you will understand everything… Continue Reading…

Meaning & Passion/ Zesty Adventures

Nostalgia & The Love of Time-Worn


Nostalgia for the past

An impossible yearning, a longing to go back as life pushes us ever forward. As we sit reminiscing over a particular scent, a ritual that once promised our biggest smile of the day, the poignant sound of a song, or the sight of a certain coffee mug that launches us into a time gone by. Welling up inside, the nostalgia for the past can at times overwhelm you with a sense of loss that knocks the wind out of you. Continue Reading…