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Riding the wave of time


How well are you riding the wave

The space that does not yet exist is located in a place known only to your deeper senses. In life you’ll always receive that which is scheduled for you, but not yet present. Our lives are continually in motion with the wave of time. As the wave rises and falls, our effort responds to the waves of time.

When you learn to ride the wave, your life can evolve naturally and with minimal resistance. Riding the wave, however, is not a passive experience. It requires you to be focused, centered and intuitive.

Getting in sync

Think about life like surfing a wave—when you move slower than the wave, there is sadness; you can’t get anywhere. When you attempt to move faster than the wave, things become frantic and there’s frustration and anger. The more flexible, fluid and calm you can be, the more successfully you’ll glide through the experience. Everything in life has its own timing and pace. If what you’re aiming for isn’t happening just yet, notice what IS happening in your life and focus on that. Whatever is in front of you in the now is building to where you’re going next.

Catching the wave

In order to catch the wave, you need to let go of the shore and trust your deepest self. It’s about your state of being; your curiosity, intuition, love, trust, inspiration and enthusiasm. It’s about approaching your fears and identifying what specific limiting beliefs you need to let go of.

It’s about doing more of what you love and reconnecting with that expansive feeling of energy within. The more you tap into that, the more all the things you’re striving for are realized—because they were there all along. The only thing that changed was your mindset and pace, which allowed you to become aware of their existence.

The balance point

Moving at pace with the wave is to be in tune with all that is present and all that is arriving to be present. Becoming attuned to your most authentic self allows you to put effort where most efficient, stay grounded and ride the wave at its balance point; the top of wave, where you focus on the moment, shift and lean with grace, and flow with the natural current of where life is sending us.

The feeling of ease at the balance point can feel awkward and unfamiliar for those who’re used to struggling, but when you move with the pace of nature; there is no struggle, there is no resistance and there is no pain. You realize that you don’t need to force anything—life just carries you. It can be difficult to trust the universe and let go of the urge to fight life’s flow, but if you stay calm and relaxed, the wave will always take you where you need to go.


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