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Freeing your soul through creativity


Lose your fear of being not good enough

Remember when you were young and fearless with the crayons or fingerpaints? You were so bold. Some of you even drew all over your walls. As the years passed, you became shy and afraid of getting creative because of the belief you’re not good enough.

It’s a shame that not more of us utilize the therapeutic benefits of art. Art is a way to convey things that words cannot, and it’s a way to heal ourselves. When we’re being creative, our brains release the natural antidepressant, dopamine. Creativity can also can calm our “monkey mind”, bring on a meditative state and get us into flow.

A wellness practice

With all the do, do, doing we do, we neglect ourselves and inevitably feel like doo-doo.

Experts have found that there’s a strong connection between creative expression and overall well-being—ideas bring you closer to yourself and working with your hands connects you to your body. Creativity doesn’t necessarily have to be painting—you can dabble in photography, playing music, cooking, writing, doodling, graphic design, poetry, building things, dancing, woodworking, collage and even knitting.

Do what’s in your heart, for you’ll be criticized anyway

Some psychologists use art as therapy, where the focus is on your inner experience—your feelings, perceptions, and imagination. No one experiences the world the same way you do, and that’s why art is so cathartic, you can just be who you are and paint what you see. Whether it’s a canvas, a camera or an instrument, you show up and then you feel. Your inner world and dialogue flows through which you create. You can feel your emotions, process them, and then let your emotions go when you express yourself creatively.

Creativity is training for life

Creating is like training your mind to look at the world through different lenses; in art it’s the colours and strokes you choose, in music it’s the chords and arrangement you play, in cooking it’s the flavours and ingredients you fuse. This process improves both your creative abilities and your brain plasticity. You become less concerned with what you’re supposed to do and instead, you make decisions that come from your heart. You train yourself to venture beyond limiting beliefs, and understand that incredible things can come together with the choices you make and risks you take.

My approach to everything in life is much like creating art; I’m not sure what it’ll look like in the end, but I take risks, make broad strokes to sketch an idea and then fill in the details as I go. I think taking risks and making rebellious moves in life is where you really uncover the magic; like being an artist, the greatest ones never followed the rules.

Creativity is a way to share your soul with the world

I’ve come to understand that whatever creative outlet I’m immersed in, my love for boldness, warmth, vibrancy and spirit seem to prevail. Getting creative helps you develop a deeper understanding of yourself. When we express, we become who we truly are. When we heal, we grow into better versions of ourselves. When allow ourselves to be seen, we increase our connection. When we do all of this, we help others do the same and impact the world around us.

Life is a canvas filled with broken rules and paint-splattered truths. Choose not to hide the madness, for that’s where your beauty lies…

As an artist and design expert, I can share with your that the key to extraordinary art is to strip away unnecessary fluff, and leave only the essentials. This is true for oneself too… if you can learn to distill who and what you are, you’ll uncover the masterpiece that is you.


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