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Zesty Brands: Life of an Adventurepreneur

Livin’ the Zesty Life

Livin’ the Zesty Life in Squamish, BC with passion, my dog and adventure at my doorstep, means I get to live and breath my mission every day. I aim to inspire companies and individuals to venture beyond ordinary…

At Zesty Brands, we have a heartfelt passion for uncovering your greatness and helping you blaze your trail through bold, authentic moves.

With a decade of experience building brands, I’ve come to understand there’s one thing that successful brands have in common: bravery. It’s in that uncomfortable territory that extraordinary brands are born.

Zesty means being lively, enthusiastic and spirited. And that’s what Zesty Brands is all about. It’s about working with passionate brands who are determined to do something they believe in, and make a difference. My hunger for adventure and risk-taking is an zest-factor in life and business. It’s helped me develop a brave mindset that encourages quick-thinking and success through risk-taking.

My mission is to inspire business and individuals to make brave decisions, and to help them light the torch for finding their way.

Learn more about my Branding Agency in Vancouver, and check out my branding portfolio over at


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