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Thus with a kiss I die: The story of love


Don’t fall in love, fall off your bike—it hurts less

Loving is risky. For the depth of your love today can be the depth of your wound tomorrow.

To love is to be vulnerable. Love anything long enough and your heart will certainly be wrung out and broken. If you want to never experience pain, you must give your heart to no one. Bubble wrap it carefully with hobbies and friends; avoid all entanglements and guard it behind a wall of cold stone.

Hell or high water

We put a lot of pressure on the idea that things will last forever. But the truth is, everything is impermanent. Having your heart crushed feels like a failure, but love and failure don’t reside together. For when you’ve loved, you’ve succeeded.

Relationships can be our greatest teachers; it is often through them that we discover the most about ourselves. In the intensity, the joy, the passion, the pain and the fragility, we’re provided with an opportunity to reveal deeper parts of ourselves and let down the barriers to our soul. If we accept the chance to look in the mirror, we can increase self-awareness and grow as individuals.

Bounty as boundless as the sea

As an artist, I naturally tend to feel everything more vividly and deeply. It’s not about safety when you’re seeking the edges, because that’s where you find the magic; yet also where you experience the most tragedy… the truth about love and art is that despite the pain, it’s beautiful. In the depth of love you’re at your most innocent. As soon as you can surrender and give it all up, you can have it all.

To really engage in love, you mustn’t be constrained by what’s been done before or what could happen in the future. The moment brings nothing but absolute innocence; the child-like ability to observe and listen. The innocence does nothing to distort any part of any moment, it simply allows the moment to be exactly what it is.

O teach me how I should forget to think

What if there’s no right or wrong in relationships, only discovery. If you love someone, love them; transcend the ordinary, don’t think, just feel. Loving doesn’t mean it has to be a certain way, for a certain amount of time, with a certain type of person. There is no wrong choice. It’s only with hindsight that we make anything right or wrong, good or bad.

Love is rare and it’s never quite what, or with whom you expect. Love is constantly inside you, yet it only shows itself when you stop thinking, and start feeling. Love emerges in a moment; my deepest love sparked in a moment of very profound connection. I believe it surfaces in total presence, and in generosity of attention and generosity of soul. Love is a recognition that we’re interconnected.

To love without thinking is to be completely accepting of what is, without expectation—it’s practicing unconditional love. It’s vulnerable, it liberates and it’s the opposite of safe. It takes courage to love.

Love is in our blood

All human beings share the same deep longing to know and be known, to hold and be held, to love and be loved and to experience connection without walls. And yet, when beautiful, honest love is staring back at you, behind eyes swimming with everything they long to say to you, we often have a disconcerting urge to withdraw, make a joke, put up walls, or run.

Relationships are such a beautiful and tragic part of having a human experience. We can take the risk, or we can hide behind safe, stoic walls where we won’t broken—we’ll become impenetrable—where we’ll miss out on that connection where someone comes alive in your presence, where your soul light’s up with a touch of their hand, where your heart radiates with warmth and joy; where love is felt beyond any distance, through the chords of a song and in the sweetest of kisses.

For never was a story of more woe than that of a heart too afraid to love…


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