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A Winter Walk & The Warmth of a Friend

The mystery of equanimity slips away like a snowflake in my hand. The quest to capture the vanishing sense of time and all things once certain.

Walking through the pathways blanketed in white, the estuary channels once brimming with life are now still; an eager salmon appears frozen in time under the ice. Eagles silently huddle atop snow-bowed branches, a world enveloped in pleasing quietude, here I am encouraged to escape towards the invaluable inward focus which winter invites. A peaceful journey through my inner world…

With its sparkling stream winding through the woods, the frosted corridor of tall cedar and alder trees brings a cozy feeling along my lonesome journey. Kula zooms past me with a whoosh! She has a warmth which no cold can chill. There you are right by my side, sunshine on the gloomiest of days. The one soul from whom I have received true love. Without words we understand each other; and when you are understood, you are at home.

Love is being understood and accepted for who you are; in that space you feel free to release yourself into the trust and shelter of the other person’s soul…

A friendship unique as a snowflake, with its singular and fleeting existence never to be replicated — its beauty here for a finite amount of time. Each one has an immeasurable beauty, enhanced by knowledge that you will never find another exactly like it. Realizing this truth can fill your heart with an urgency to cherish the fleeting treasure of a friendship, creating the most beautiful connection and a wondrous exploration into another’s soul.

Let winter remind us to cherish the beautiful gift of friendship, and the uniqueness of another…


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