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Why We Love


Great love is never justified. Like the little tree that springs up in some inexplicable way in the middle of a river: so unusual. How does it survive out there?

Obvious by its rich green colour, it just does. By its own means that we cannot understand, it gets what it needs to survive…

Extraordinary. Immeasurable.

I like the way you smile. Like an artist who looks closely in order to carefully pick out details with which to accentuate someone for a portrait—ones heart does the same.

I adore the texture of your mind; you are a thinker and witty and beautiful. To be told that we have an attractive mind is an adequate reason, but doesn’t satisfy those who ask the question “Why are you drawn to that person?” There are deeper aspects to the mind that might not be articulated, such as: the way someone speaks or plays music, or the way in which they come to a conclusion about the world. And within a smile, there is a glimpse of soul, of tenderness and warmth of character. Such characteristics may not be impressive when singled out, as they are fairly generic in nature, but to the person who notices all of these things combined, they recognize the contours of something very beautiful…

To be loved for particular skills alone would suggest few reasons why one wouldn’t wander away and love someone more skillful at another point in time. However, just as the tree situated in the river who found a spot to flourish—there are little reasons to seek out something different, and far more reasons to deepen its roots in place. Through determination in adapting to its ever-changing surroundings and through the passage of time, it grows admirable strength and immeasurable depth of character.


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