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Walking the Edge


Walking the edge

The dawn finds me by the deserted waters edge
I have walked to the end and back.
Nights and days filled with waves; dark blue heavy waves
charged with all things accumulated in its wake,
weighted with certain destruction.
Tides surging, incessantly pulling me back.
Words, laughter; and the lazily beautiful moments
Hands hold tight for a moment,
before slipping away, the sounds that go to
make your laugh, the heartwarming smile
The illustrious blows, losing them, finding
them; tumbling…
There once was a kernel of myself, saved somehow
through the dark and the time worn,
untouched by battle, by adversities
Offered wholly from my outstretched hand
That too, now levelled, vanished like water.


The lingering love, warm
and orange like the sun
A pleasing melody to accompany the day
When sorrow lays me low
My gaze falls to my feet
Met with humble friendship
Steady like the sun who rises and falls
There rests my whole heart

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