Zesty Adventures

Nature’s Display of Life


The small wonders that strew the everyday: the changing colour or the leaves, the heron waiting quietly at the riverside, a quip between friends, the splash of a coho on its way up the river.

As I stand in the river, everything belonging to life is in this moment: its forms and colours, composition, its harmony with the elements, its joy and its sorrow. Look deeper into nature and you will understand everything…

Autumn chases one moment into the next, forcing change whether we like it or not. A bear cub swims across the river in search of her mother; frightened cries for help met with silence. The cruelty of life’s loss and endings that fade without a goodbye.

Shallows brimming with new life; thousand tiny salmon fry naive to the depths of life. Wide-eyed and curious, jumping at every opportunity that passes by.

The elegant and graceful Blue Heron exudes a sense of maturity and wisdom, standing poised and motionless, reminding us of the importance of focus, patience and the value of silence.

A Coho swims through vast oceans and rivers to find him, fierce and unrelenting through the currents and obstacles. Scars show life’s challenges, eventually meeting; drowning in his charm, she almost forgets how to swim.

Friendships maturing like the sun, warm and invigorating; the orange glow hesitating on the horizon, as if not wanting to say goodnight to this beautiful day.

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