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Be like a Bike: Roll with it


Don’t lose heart in a headwind

I step off the plane in Italy, I’m psyched about my trip of a lifetime cycling adventure that has finally come to fruition. I wait patiently at the baggage carousel for my luggage. My bike is really all I’m longing to see… but it never comes.

My heart sinks. Now what Rachelle, you’ve planned your whole trip around biking. I said to myself.

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Bravery/ Meaning & Passion/ Perseverance/ Zesty Adventures

Double Backflip: Don’t quit, this isn’t the endo


For my death you shall need popcorn

Feeling sad sucks. As you listen to indulgently sad music and imagine yourself as the protagonist in a dramatic movie. You hold your head in your hands while you’re crying and think “I can’t even believe how sad this whole situation is. I think if I was in a movie I could bring an entire movie theater to tears right now.” Continue Reading…

Love & Relationships/ Meaning & Passion/ Perseverance/ Zesty Adventures

Zesty Diversification: The winning advantage


Guess what? I don’t just ride a mountain bike… I do things like slalom waterskiing too.

Life has many zesty flavours

Imagine you decided pistachio ice cream was your favourite, it’s so perfect that you decide you’d only ever eat pistachio from now on. Then one day you go to buy some, but the shop is out of pistachio. Now what? Tears.

When you focus on satisfaction from one thing or establish your identity through one source such as; your career or your significant other it’s not only limiting, but dangerous. When shit goes sideways in your life, you’re potentially screwed over and your very existence is put into question. Your vulnerable to depression, crushing self-worth and loss of purpose. Continue Reading…

Bravery/ Perseverance/ Zesty Adventures

The Zig, The Zag, The Zesty: When everyone goes right, go left


Learn the rules and break them like an artist

Life has way too many rules. Yeah, we need the stop, go and don’t shoot your gun stuff, but I’m talking about the more nuanced; less black and white stuff. The rules that suggest what you’re supposed to do with your life, what type of person is best for a relationship and what career is right for you. Continue Reading…

Meaning & Passion/ Perseverance/ Zesty Adventures

Loamy Life: Unearthing your grit


It’s the gravel in your guts and the spit in your eye

As Johnny Cash’s song “A boy named Sue” goes, “this world is rough and if you’re gonna make it, you gotta be tough”.  When you stumble, crash and bail hard, what is it that gives you the strength to get up, wipe the dust off and remount? GRIT. When you learn to unearth your grit you can stare into the heart of it all and push on with a smile.

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Meaning & Passion/ Perseverance/ Zesty Adventures

No zest for the wicked: How cycling taught me perseverance


My heart is racing, legs are burning, I’m sweating and suffering. I’ve eaten my last gel, ran out of water and the rider I was chasing has long since vanished into the distance.

At this point it crosses my mind to quit, head to the cafe’ and kick back with an Americano. I think I’ve gone as hard as I could… but the truth is 99% of the time you can always go harder and push further. It comes down to mindset.

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