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Beyond the Treeline: The Courage to Stand Alone


Reach new heights

Much like the tallest tree in the forest, when you stand out from the rest, you’re at risk of exposing yourself to the most resistance. We learn early in life that fitting in keeps us safe. But what we don’t realize is that while being unremarkable may keep us below the turbulence, it doesn’t allow us to grow, to reach new heights, and to see beyond our limitations; and it doesn’t usually lead to happiness or satisfaction.

When we choose to reach for new heights and face the resistance, it forces us to strengthen our resolve so that we don’t fall apart when the pressure is on. Once we break the threshold, much the same as the tree, we’re able to fully bask in the opportunities, such as the light and nourishment that builds deep, strong roots.

What do you stand for?

Like trees in the forest, good things can happen when you decide to stand tall among the crowd. It’s not always easy, but by making it clear to the world who you are, what you offer, and the unique path you’ve chosen; you’re strengthening your purpose, expanding your opportunities, and living authentically. To do this effectively, you mustn’t be concerned about what you think you should do, what limiting beliefs have been ingrained in you, or what others expect or think of you.

At my Vancouver branding agency, I work with clients on building, communicating, and managing their brand. This involves uncovering their uniqueness, defining their purpose, ensuring they’re consistent and true to their values, making decisions that reflect their vision and mission, not following the crowd or making “me-too decisions”.

You can apply this same practice to yourself, and then watch how things around you begin to flourish. By taking time to understand who you are, what your unique strengths are, and how to use those strengths to live an engaged and purposeful life, you’ll not only build a strong personal brand, I believe you’ll also achieve more joy and life satisfaction.

Let the real you take root

Stop holding yourself to a particular identity that someone has given you. Shed that fake persona and let the real you come through. Break the rules, reject the status quo, cause some trouble, and believe in your why.

What are the strengths that others acknowledge in you? What has always been true about you? Eg: Genuine, charismatic, energetic, creative, intelligent, enthusiastic, bold, hard-working, efficient, dependable, organized, resourceful. As you start to think about your personal brand, you should explore:

  • Skills you bring to the table
  • Which of these skills excites you? Why?
  • How do I “WOW” friends, family, and even strangers?
  • About what topic(s) can you talk endlessly?
  • What is one thing you’re confident you could teach people?
  • What causes you to get lost in the moment?
  • What are your values?

Benefits of living your truth

By learning to pay attention to your deeper senses and intuition, following your heart, and by cultivating greater awareness of yourself, you can feel more confident in knowing what is true for you.

You’ll attract the right tribe

When you behave in ways that are in alignment with your authentic self, the right people will be attracted to you and help you on your journey.

You’ll experience financial abundance

When you connect as the real human being that you are, people are drawn to that and opportunities for personal and financial growth will follow.

You’ll meet the right partner

Only when you show your true colours will the right person cross your path.

You’ll build trust

Being your true self provides a consistent experience for people who interact with you. They feel that realness and naturally want to trust you.

You’ll have more confidence

Authenticity is the enemy of self-doubt. If we live our truth and embrace our uniqueness, we don’t have the urge to criticize or fix ourselves.

You’ll have increased energy

Authenticity makes life flow. When you feel good, you look good, you do good, you attract good. All that goodness creates major energy in your life.

You’ll feel more relaxed

You’ll feel peace because you can just be you. There’s nothing to hide and nothing to fake.

You’ll be more accepting of others

When you’re confident in your own shoes, you’re less likely to compete and compare, and you’re more willing to accept others uniqueness.


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