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Touching Shadows


Bare feet touching the rays of the sun; perfection, before time loses this moment forever. Summer seems to be slipping away before it has even begun…

Every morning, my coffee steeps in a tin pot, as Kula carries her favourite toy back and forth from one end of the room to the other, whimpering—a post-breakfast happy dance. I used to sit down and draw during this time, but my pencil hasn’t touched a piece of paper in quite some time. Thinking back to when I would leap out of bed with an idea, and as my hand travelled around the page—pure joy—as I giggled to myself when it linked up a funny quip.

But then everything eventually changes… it’s the way of life. Beginnings, endings, and never in the way we imagine.

Everybody’s gone away. The sunshine’s turned to rain. Shadows become sharper as the season turns. Just as grief is the shadow love casts in its loss, the more radiant the sun, the vaster the shadow.

The seasons bring something meaningful while at the same time have something beautiful stripped away. A lesson we must also learn; to give warmth to the world despite what the world may have coldly taken away.


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