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The Zesty Heart


Life is better with skinned knees and broken hearts

What does it mean to have a Zesty Heart? It’s like ripping down your favourite trail—Exciting, thrilling, terrifying and when it’s over you wanna get back on right away.

When you’re attacking the trail, it’s kinda fun to scare yourself a bit and teeter on your comfort zone—right? Pushing yourself allows you to have new experiences, learn about yourself, feel alive, and it makes the ride SO worthwhile.

Trust the inner zest

With a zesty heart, colours seem brighter and more vibrant. Laughter is an abundant part of daily life. The little things in life become increasingly fascinating—the whistle on the wind, a feather on the breeze, a ripple on the stream or the sunlight on the sea.

When you’re riding your bike on the edge of danger, you’re vulnerable. You’re leaving yourself open to gnarly wipeouts, skinned knees and total ER disaster. You take the risk though, because you want to feel the rush, the thrill, the joy and the flow you experience.

The same goes for having a vulnerable heart. You’re leaving yourself open to rejection, judgment, and immeasurable pain. The truth is, love is going to hurt you sometimes it’s true. Maybe it won’t work out, but maybe seeing if it does will be the greatest adventure ever.

We want relationships, but we are so afraid of opening up and being hurt. If you want to be a better rider, you have to face fear head on and go for it. Sometimes the difference between triumph and failure comes down to laying it all on the line with only the zesty hope and optimism you feel inside. If you can tune out the distractions, the panic, the hesitation, you’ll not only truly understand where you’re at with someone, you’ll discover the capacity of what you can feel for them.

They say fear is for the brave, for cowards never stare it in the eye. So am I fearless to be fearful, does it take courage to learn how to cry. — Passenger

Taking risk is dangerous, but if you bite the dust, who cares. You tried something, and it either worked out or you learned something. You loved with zest in your heart and that means you lived life a little more wholly. That’s what it’s about in the end rightliving a full (and zesty) life.

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