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Abundance: Relax to Receive


Adopt the pace of nature

Riding down the trail with a white-knuckle death grip will do nothing but cause you to fatigue sooner, make it harder to control and absorb bumps and increase your chances of a crash. This is especially common with new riders; they’re nervous of how the bike is moving underneath them—they either freak out or force it. It’s important to realize that the bike will naturally cruise forward, roll over things and find a smooth line. The trick is to have a little faith, relax and allow the bike do its thing.

Adopting the pace of nature, patience, is an important lesson I’ve come to learn the last few years. Relaxing and allowing is counterintuitive to the way many of us live and are taught—we’re doers and we make things happen…we don’t relax! But if you can learn to put in effort where most efficient and ride through life’s moments loose and relaxed, then you’ll experience more flow and you’ll receive the joy and abundance that’s all around you.

Lessons from the heart

The heart teaches us to exert when giving and to relax in order to receive. It would be advantageous to practice this concept—reach out into the moment with a focused passion, then relax and let your preferences come to you over time. We often operate in a constant state of exerting to get, and never relaxing. The problem with that is you cannot exert and receive at the same time. When you exert to get, you never actually experience the sensation of receiving because you cannot relax. You’re tethered to the constant effort and feelings of emptiness when not receiving.

The constant state of exertion in the body looks like this: holding the breath, clenching our muscles, and compressing ever tighter internally, all in an attempt to get. You’re trying desperately to hold on and force the goal. Physiologically this process tells our adrenal glands to make stress hormones that actually prevent us from receiving. When we’re in fight or flight mode, the parasympathetic nervous system shuts down, our breathing becomes shallow, our inflammatory processes fire to protect us from the internal conflict—Just as animals in the wild won’t go into heat when they are under stress, our bodies simply don’t function properly unless they can relax. Everything in your body skids to a gravel-spitting halt!

Relaxing and allowing can seem passive and lazy, especially if you pride yourself on being a hard worker who feels like one must make things happen. You believe that if your slow down, stop pushing so hard and relax, your life will fall apart. However, relaxing allows you to listen, feel and see. To follow the teachings of the heart is to live in devotion; the unemotional connection with everything. This is a powerful method that removes the disruptions of needing, wanting and wishing for.

Give, then relax

If you want love, learn to give love and then relax. If you want appreciation, learn to give appreciation and then relax. if you want financial abundance, expel meaningful energy and then relax. The more you give, and then relax the more you’ll receive. In your willingness to give that which you seek, you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life.

Flow with it

Ancient Taoism teaches us that a superior being does not waste time meddling. She makes certain of her Self first, then appropriate action arises — without any strategy. She knows, with absolute certainty, that all things will take their proper course, and she moves along with them.

By moving in flow with life, synchronicities appear, opportunities walk into your life as if by coincidence, the right people enter your life at the right time, and you feel the Universe responding to your every thought and feeling.

Relax in business

It’s typical for an entrepreneur to experience feast or famine. But if you’re stressing about not having enough business, and then stressing about having too much business, you’ll never be able to receive the gift of the moment. Expel, and then let go, trust and roll with it.

Relax in relationships

As the old saying goes, you’ll find love when you least expect it. In relationships, if you’re constantly forcing trying to find the perfect partner, you’ll never be able to relax and receive the abundance around you. When you can relax, that is where you’ll find a relationship of a magical heart, which can flourish and reward you beyond your imagination.

When in a relationship you give and you don’t seek credit; you’re not keeping score; you’re not holding debt. When you’re receiving from your partner you don’t feel indebted.

Relax in life

Relaxing to receive doesn’t mean you wait idly; it means you expel energy with intention and have patience. Patience is not the art of waiting, it’s knowing that resting calmly will deliver. Your life becomes healthier and happier in so many ways, while your efforts become more effortless.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished.”

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