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Zesty Girls Culinary Evening!


Girls gone Vegan!

I am so excited to share the Zesty Girls Culinary Evening that happened this Saturday! These awesome sweet-sixteener’s were curious about how to create wicked plant-based meals, sharpen their culinary ninja skills and live the Zesty Life.

Everyone needs to learn how to take good care of themselves and their body. Through sharing knowledge of nutrition and healthy choices, finding passion in exercise, and helping the girls discover their zest-factor—we combined the ultimate ingredients for cranking up their awesomeness.

More than a Zesty body

In today’s society, everywhere you turn, body image is on display. We’re constantly bombarded with messages on how to improve our bodies, ways to “look better” and the need to be perfect. This is especially true for teens—not cool mañg.

Living the Zesty Life means you’re more than your body—you are your heart and soul, hopes and dreams, friendships and passions. It’s feeling empowered by who you are. And the purpose of this weekend was to help teach the skills to show up in the world confident and brave, with the tools the girls need for their journey.

What we focused on

Cooking & Nutrition

  • How to get the appropriate nutrients into your meals
  • Why your health warrants plant-based approach
  • Grocery shopping 101
  • Tips n’ tricks for saving time in the kitchen
  • Zesty ninja knife skills
  • Tips for thriving as an athlete while on a plant-based diet
  • Preparing healthy lunches & snacks
  • Making healthy choices in a restaurant or social situation
  • How to make healthy eating and cooking a life-long love!

Cultivating your Zest

  • Healthy mindset & strategies for elevating confidence, happiness and inner peace.
  • Building a healthy tribe
  • Mindset, purpose, vision & self-growth
  • How to increase your emotional intelligence
  • How to be more soulfull 
  • Tips for building a fulfilling career

Grocery Shopping 101

Going to the grocery store can be a stressful experience—they’re designed to accost your senses with new impulse items at every turn. It’s hard enough to know what to heck buy, let alone finding food that’s actually healthy. Which is why I think mastering the market is one of the most important aspects of livin’ the Zesty Life!

The girls and I ventured around the store, getting inspired by ingredients, examining the nutrients in different foods and exploring the endless options for creating healthy meals. We talked about the simplicity of whole, plant-based food and how-to plan radically simple meals that don’t break the bank.


Ninja Kitchen Skills

Cooking is about love and it’s a way to show love to yourself or the people you care about. Unfortunately, most people, young and old feel overwhelmed in the kitchen—feeling like they don’t have the time or they’re afraid of making mistakes. I believe this is because many haven’t been shown a few basic tips and tools—wax on wax off!

Your time in the kitchen is a time of self-care and one of the most sacred things we can do. I shared a few important nuggets of chef wisdom with the girls such as: knife skills, time-saving tips, cooking order and times, how-to make vinaigrette’s infinite ways, etc.


Creating a Zesty Life Bowl

A Zesty Life Bowl is a meal-sized bowl filled with super-nourishing, earthy combinations of greens, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds— a complete and well-balanced meal. My trick is to hunt for a uniquely designed, large-sized bowl you love, that can become a symbol of nourishment and gratitude! To get them started, I gave them their very own classic white Zesty bowls! The girls and I floated around the kitchen, chopping, baking, plating and giggling! After all, it should be FUN!


Finding your Zest-factor

After dinner, we flipped through the Zesty Life Curriculum. We talked about the ingredients that go into a Zesty Life, answered questions and had discussions about uncovering their greatness. What a fun-filled and thought-provoking evening! THANKS GIRLS!

Do you want to host a Zesty Culinary Evening?

My vision for these intimate evenings is to help anyone wanting to live their most authentic and healthy life. If you’re interested in having a Zesty Evening, please get in touch!

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