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Soul Food : The choice to fuel your life or feed disease

The best fast food is soul food

Rachelle from Zesty Life here at In ‘n Out burger in Squamish, BC. This is my favourite kind of fast food… soul food. How can you resist that big slab!

Let’s talk about food.

Each time you eat, it’s an opportunity to feed disease or feed life. It’s not about counting calories, restricting, or gulping supplements — its about self-respect and nourishing yourself with nutrient-dense, whole foods.

Instead of focusing on dieting and losing weight, we need to venture beyond our outside appearance. Health isn’t a destination point, it’s the ability to thrive in your experiences like this.

Deciding to nourish your body can not only extend your life, it can give you an entirely new one.

You truly are what you eat, so take a moment to consider what you want to be; easy, cheap and fake OR healthy, real and zesty!

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