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Recipes for a Zesty Life: Forest Bathing

Hey guys, here’s another Recipe for your Zesty Life from my new book! 

In Japan, it’s common to use nature as a way of healing. They practice what’s called “Shinrin Yoku”, which roughly translates to “Forest Bathing”. The idea is that spending time in nature allows you to experience rejuvenating benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

There’s actually a growing body of evidence that suggests by inhaling essential oils from the plants, you take in phytochemicals that have been shown to reduce stress hormones and inflammation, and increase immunity cells.

We’ve all experienced the calming affect of being in nature, and that’s what Forest Bathing allows you to tap into on a regular basis. It means leaving your devices at home and tuning in to the smells, textures, sights and sounds of the forest. Let your body be your guide. Listen to where it wants to take you. And take your time. You’re not trying to get anywhere…

Having a healthy mind is part of being your best self, which is why Forest Bathing is a recipe for living a Zesty Life

How-to forest bathe

The key to forest bathing isn’t to cover a lot of ground, but to slowly walk mindfully through the forest.

Get quiet

Listen for birds chirping, rivers running and trees rustling in the breeze. Appreciate the absence of city noise.

Look closer

What do you see around you? Moss covering logs and trees, red decaying stumps, sunlight peaking through the branches?

Touch things

What does the moss feel like? Try leaning up against a tree to sense its magnitude, its energy and the feel of its bark

Smell the air

What’s in the air? Cedar, pine, crisp autumn weather?




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