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Zesty Flow: Timelessness through authenticity


Tapping into your flow state

Being in flow during sport is an incredible feeling. There is an absence of fear, a weightlessness and an effortless rhythm—pure joy. In flow state, there’s no judgement or ego. You’re centred and totally connected with everything. Conversely, when you’re not in flow you’re out of balance and fear enters the body. You tighten up and it doesn’t have the same graceful and fulfilling rhythm, your timing is off and you feel resistance.

Flow isn’t just an experience for athletes. It’s ubiquitous. You can experience flow any situation. And more flow is proven to increase life satisfaction. If you want to feel happier, more alive and have deeper connections, you might want to tap into flow.

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Love & Relationships/ Meaning & Passion/ Zesty Adventures

Zesty Friendships: The spice of life


Friends are the secret sauce

Romantic relationships get the vast majority of our attention and mental energy, but few stop to think about the quality of their friendships and how much value you can derive from them.

Studies have proven that the most important component of psychological well-being isn’t family, material possessions or successful careers— it’s friendships. You need these friendships like you need air, they allow you to breathe.

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Zesty Diversification: The winning advantage


Guess what? I don’t just ride a mountain bike… I do things like slalom waterskiing too.

Life has many zesty flavours

Imagine you decided pistachio ice cream was your favourite, it’s so perfect that you decide you’d only ever eat pistachio from now on. Then one day you go to buy some, but the shop is out of pistachio. Now what? Tears.

When you focus on satisfaction from one thing or establish your identity through one source such as; your career or your significant other it’s not only limiting, but dangerous. When shit goes sideways in your life, you’re potentially screwed over and your very existence is put into question. Your vulnerable to depression, crushing self-worth and loss of purpose. Continue Reading…

Bravery/ Love & Relationships/ Meaning & Passion/ Zesty Adventures

The Zesty Heart


Life is better with skinned knees and broken hearts

What does it mean to have a Zesty Heart? It’s like ripping down your favourite trail—Exciting, thrilling, terrifying and when it’s over you wanna get back on right away.

When you’re attacking the trail, it’s kinda fun to scare yourself a bit and teeter on your comfort zone—right? Pushing yourself allows you to have new experiences, learn about yourself, feel alive, and it makes the ride SO worthwhile. Continue Reading…