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Natural products for the wild adventurer

Salty air. Crashing Waves. Mossy Filled. Damp Pathways through Spruce. Hemlock & Cedar. Warm Blankets & Campfires. Sandy Dogs Laying at your Feet. — When I read this description of the Nootka Naturals brand, they had me at hello.

As a brand savvy consumer with extensive branding and design experience, I am pretty picky about what I like and don’t like. The Nootka Naturals brand is so great because of their story and the local theme—Strong brands are about developing an emotional connection with the consumer and Nootka makes me swoon.

When you don’t want to smell Zesty

You know the feeling, when you’ve just finished up a sweaty workout or bike ride. You’ve gotta hit the grocery store on the way home, but dammit you’re offending yourself with that zesty smell.

I’ve tried many natural products, sometimes they’re great and sometimes they just don’t work. One thing I have never found a natural solution for was deodorant. For active people, it’s hard to not revert back to your shameful antiperspirant when things get a little too Zesty.

Well—I think it’s safe to say, I have found the zest of the zest in natural deodorant!

Nootka Naturals Deodorant Review

For my review of the product I chose the Lavender Lemon & Sage Natural Deodorant. Handcrafted in Squamish, I was hopeful, but honestly doubtful it would stand up to my average sporty day. Let’s see!

I was ready crank the heat and put this baby to the test! I started my day off putting a little of the paste on after my shower— Kula was VERY keen to smell, lick and probably devour it:P  The product comes in a jar, so I had to use my DIY finger applicator—super easy to apply and it dry’s very quick. *perfect no non-sense. The smell is amazing, ahhhhhh I love the lavender with a zesty kick of lemon!


We started our sweat-fest with a Pilates class at Core Intentions. An hour of of fast paced moves on the reformer and I was still smelling perfectly Lavender-y. Woohoo!

Alright next test! After grabbing some lunch and doing a little non-sweaty branding work on the computer, Kula and I set off on the trails for an afternoon bike ride. Turning up the heat, we headed up Jack’s to 50 Shades and did a lap of Rupert.

As the late afternoon sun began to fade, we turned towards home for the night. What a fun day! So grateful. We tossed our dirty gear in the wash and as I headed to to shower I noticed how…Kula really needed to wear some of this Nootka deodorant! I still didn’t have much of a stink going on, but Kula eeeek! Wet dog.

In conclusion, my first impression of Nootka was A+. Between the brand and a great product experience, I would definitely recommend them!


aloe butter, coconut oil, beeswax, baking soda (non aluminum) arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, rosemary oil, vitamin e oil. carrot tissue oil and essential oils of lemon, sage & lavender

Check them out online or at their local shop in Squamish:


1861 Mamquam Rd #6, Squamish, BC V8B 0M5


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