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Zesty Review: Shimano ME7 MTB Shoes


The new ME7…does the M stand for Monster Truck?

Cars are merely trail features with this new MTB shoe from Shimano. When you wanna crush everything in your path, look no further this is the shoe for you! The new Shimano ME7 combines the light-weight, pedaling effectiveness of a XC shoe with the durability, grip, and armor that aggressive gnarl-seekers require.

These Stealth Black Trail/Enduro shoes are ready to attack!

I picked up my first pair of clipless shoes this week. Oooh la la these babies are sexy!
After wearing my bulky ‘skate style’ flats for a few seasons, they were ready for an upgrade. Asking around about flats vs clips I got a complete mix bag of opinions. As a clipped-in roadie I appreciate the blend of stiffness and the ability to “push & pull up hills, I imagined how this would really help on the long climbs like Legacy in Squamish.

I decided at the risk of splatting my clipped-in body down Bony Elbows granite, I think efficiency is important and the pros outweighed the cons—Especially with the Spakwus 50 race coming up!

Speed Lacing – The ME7 continues to use many of the features found on the M200. M200 users will be familiar with the speed-lacing system, and the large flap for keeping things dry and protecting the laces.

Neoprene Ankle Cuff – Keep mud and dirt out!

Ratchet Strap – No more catching your laces in your crank, ratchet is clean, simple and wicked fast!

Michelin Rubber Sole – Crush everything in your path with Michelin’s Outdoor Compound you get superior traction with unmatched durability, stability, and slip resistance.

Mesh Toe Vent– Without sacrificing and protection, you get a little breeze on your sweaty toes. Oooohhhh aaaaahhhh!


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