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Zesty life story: Choose your own adventure


Live the story you want to tell

His words swayed me in the breeze like a thousand swinging trees, in a forest lying next to stormy seas. The storm was coming, but it was adventure on the wind and I’m lost on my way to the only one for me.

We are the authors of our experience. In our story there are chapters, plots, characters, heroes, villains and pivotal moments. And as all good stories go, everything makes sense in the end. Continue Reading…

Bravery/ Meaning & Passion/ Zesty Adventures

Dropping in: The rush of saying here goes nothing


I recently moved to Squamish BC, “The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”. Sounds pretty SA-weet eh! I came here for a change and to refresh my spirits, and I’m so glad I did. It’s truly an restorative and unique place.

However, breaking free of what’s comfortable is an ongoing, step-by-step journey. It’s not always easy and you have to consciously keep embracing expansion.

Continue Reading…