Recipes for a Zesty Life

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Bursting with over 350 pages of of healthy plant-based recipes, inspiring stories, mindfulness practices, nutrition tips and purposeful habits, this 8.5×11″ soulful book aims to help you uncover your greatness and unearth the torch for finding your way in life, health, love, relationships and career.

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A truly unique blend of healthy plant-based recipes, nutrition, short stories, practices and habits for realizing your potential and harnessing your power to change your life—and the world.

Whether it’s strengthening your mind-body connection, uncovering your purpose and potential, getting through life’s struggles, or cultivating habits for lifelong health, wellness and happiness—this is your handbook.

Plant-based Recipes

These healthy recipes have unique and complex flavours with some pretty basic ingredients that anyone can put together, plus they taste great and just happen to be vegan.

Inspirational Stories

Bite-sized stories filled with simple wisdom and playful humour. Feel the interconnectedness of us all, as you find your way along your personal life journey…

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices that will help you create space for yourself—space to think, space to breathe, space between yourself and your reactions.

Self-growth Tools

Exercises to help you uncover your inner greatness, and teach you skills to show up in the world authentic, confident and brave; with healthy tools for your journey.

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8 reviews for Recipes for a Zesty Life

  1. Robin B

    WOW! Do not hesitate to buy this book! First – the recipes are excellent. Easy to follow and varied. This comes from someone with limited exposure to healthy/plant based eating. Second – Rachelle is a remarkable story teller. I picked up a copy and could not put down. Rachelle includes fun and inspiring stories that make the experience TASTY and FUN!!! Enjoy!

  2. Whitney McClintock Rini

    This book is a kitchen counter staple! I love the aesthetic of this book—I couldn’t stop flipping through it to see all of her beautiful photos! Rachelle’s book is filled with plant-based recipes that turned this bland meal prep-er in to a lover of ZESTY cooking! Her “Feisty Red Curry Bowl” is life changing! Rachelle also shares her adventure for living her best life. Her story is relatable to all of us who have faced challenges & come out the other side stronger—she shares her tools for success. I highly recommend buying one for your favorite adventurer & one for yourself!

  3. Andi

    The best coffee table book ever! Stories from the heart, recipes from the palette, plus so much more.
    It’s not just a recipe book.
    Crisp and easy to read, this book really demonstrates a great life balance.

  4. Julie Phoenix

    I haven’t had a chance to go through the whole book yet but from what I’ve seen and tasted so far, it’s great! I made my first zesty bowl last night – Thai and stop me – and it was delicious! Coming from someone who isn’t a huge fan of tofu, this is an even better compliment! The red curry made me forget all about the tofu and I really enjoyed the meal. Can’t wait to try some more tasty recipes from this killer book!

  5. Alex Bowling

    Stunning photography, honest and inspiring stories and many incredibly tasty recipes! Whether you are looking for your next energizing meal, need help with motivation or simply want to enjoy a gorgeous coffee-table book, Rachelle has you covered! Certainly one of those rare cook-books you just want to read through and smile as you plan your next meal…or your next mountain-bike ride. Great job Rachelle!

  6. Jeff Petter, Vancouver

    An outstanding narrative of facing adversity, staring it down and kicking its ass!!! Oh yeah, and the recipes are fabulous too! 🤙

  7. Lauren Kress

    I’ve been making my way through the Zesty cookbook. Trying recipes and getting inspired along the way. Zesty life is much more than a cookbook, it’s a life book. I’m absolutely loving it!!

  8. Nicola (verified owner)

    Beautiful book Rachelle! Fabulous job indeed with pages encompassing all that life has to offer – honouring oneself and the planet during your journey – especially your beautiful dogs!!! Life just doesn’t get much better than that!!!

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