Vegan Athletes: The plant advantage

Why vegan is so vogue Vegan athletes like Brendan Brazier, Rich Roll, Venus & Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Scott Jurek, Nimai Delgado, Tom Brady and Georges Laraque are changing the stereotypes, showing us that plant-based eating cannot only build strong muscles, but can keep you healthy enough to ride a bike, play tennis or hockey, run or pump iron at an elite level. The vegan movement is growing. Many people are setting Bessie free and picking up plants. However, change is uncomfortable, and there’s enough confusing information out there to easily want to stay put. I can’t make the decision for you and I’m not a doctor or a registered nutritionist, but I can share my experience and the things I’ve learned… Plant performance Vegan athletes are claiming that they are lighter, stronger, more successful and healing faster with a plant diet. But to really tap into your full potential, you’ll need to not only nix the animal products, you need to eat a lot more of the good stuff—and I don’t mean fake meat substitutes—I’m talkin’ veggies, fruit, beans, quinoa, rice, nuts and seeds. About 75% of your plate should be plant foods like leafy and cruciferous vegetables—whether or not you’re … Continue reading Vegan Athletes: The plant advantage